A truly unique filler with instant long-lasting, durable results.


The effects of the injection are permanent, however, patients will observe volume loss after the first treatment. A recommended 3 treatments wills create optimum results.


Extremely biocompatible and non-allergenic due to its high water content creates a natural look in both women and men that want to look younger without wrinkles. 

Use Aquamid to:

Treat deep facial lines
Enhance lips
Treat facial deformities
Treat depressed scars 
Enhance appearance of cheekbones and jawline
Check instructions for any side effects.

Aquamid (1x1ml)

  • Aquamid (1x1ml) is used to treat deep wrinkles in the eyebrow that appear vertically between the eyebrows. The drug can improve the appearance by improving overall facial expression and giving the individual a less unhappy and more attractive appearance.

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