The new technology of 'Bead Cross Linking' gathers many particles from the existing cross linking technology and inserts them into one micro bead. 

The cohesiveness and viscosity of Helene has been strengthened from the high cross-linking rate of Hyaluronic Acid. Thanks to the new technology of 'Bead Cross Linking', long lasting volumising effects are possible, overcoming the limitations of HA fillers.

Suitable for:

Glabella line
Cheek bone area
Naso labial
Also contains 3mg/ml Lidocaine for painless treatment. 

Being highly cohesive with high viscosity, it still has good molding
power that makes it possible to inject in any facial area.

Helene All (1x1ml)

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    Helene All (1x1ml) is suitable for Forehead, Temples, Glabella line, Nose, Cheek bone area, Naso labial and Chin.