The first injectable to contain 1% Trehalose that improves hydration. 

High concentration of hyaluronic acid provides a prolonged effect.
Optimal molecular weight of 1.4 Mda of hyaluronic acid concentration (25 mg/ml) for fast skin revitalization, hydration and rejuvenation effects.
First Injectable Product with 1% Trehalose.
Ideally effective amount of INNEA is just 2 ml.
Easy to use dosage of INNEA is sterile isotonic intra-dermal gel.
Completely biocompatible, biodegradable and non-allergenic, as evidenced by many passed tests.
Robust Clinical Evidence.
Long lasting results.

Innea AQUA

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    INNEA AQUA hyaluronic bio-revitalizing gel with trehalose for extreme hydration and anti oxidising properties. To be used on particularly wilted skin, when intense moisturising action is desired.

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